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Customer reviews for Coffee Machines Saeco Exprelia Evo Automatic Espresso Machine

Coffee Machines Saeco Exprelia Evo Automatic Espresso Machine

Create cafe style coffee in your own home! The Saeco Exprelia Evo Espresso Machine features Latte Perfetto Technology that will enable you to create perfect milk specialty drinks. This stylish machine also features adjustable coffee strength, temperature and length that will help ensure the perfect espresso is easier to achieve! Features include: * Adjustable coffee strength will ensure the exact amount of coffee you have chosen will be ground * Adjustable coffee length will allow you to adjust the amount of brewed coffee according to your taste and size of your cups * Automatic cleaning and descaling cycles will ensure easy cleaning * Simple to use design * The easy to use customisation and maintenance menu will allow you to set up the machine to suit you * Latte Perfetto Technology and dual cleaning function will heat your milk fast and will self-clean automattically at the end of each session * One touch beverage selection will allow you to prepare your favourite coffee and milk specialties effortlessly * Integrated milk frother will ensure all of your favourite beverages are one touch away * Adjust your espressos intensity, alter the crema and body structure as it is dispensed with the turn of a knob * Easy to read LED display * Stylish stainless steel finish * Stainless steel boiler * 1400 watts * 230 volts * Pump pressure: 15 bar * Milk carafe capacity: 0.5L * Water tank capacity: 1.6L * Coffee bean capacity: 300g * Measures approx 24.5(l) x 36(d) x 42(h)cm * Weighs approx 14.2kg
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Customer reviews for Saeco Exprelia Evo Automatic Espresso Machine
Review 1 for Saeco Exprelia Evo Automatic Espresso Machine
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5 / 5

Best One Touch Automatic Espresso Machine on the Market!

Posted1 May 2013
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from Sydney, Australia
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I've had 3 Saeco coffee machines in the last 4 years. The first machine I purchased was a brand new Syntia, but when I started to get hassled by having to froth my milk with the pannarello every morning I decided to upgrade to the Syntia Cappuccino. Unfortunately, the Syntia Cappuccino does not froth milk that well, and only makes a very bubbly lukewarm foam for cappuccinos. After decided to upgrade, I looked at the Exprelia and the Xelsis. The Xelsis seems to have a bit more programmability in terms of milk (can adjust froth/foam amount), but I didn't think that justified the added expense (about 700 dollars more at the time) when I was the only one that was going to use the machine so negating the multiple programmable user feature of the Xelsis.
When I unboxed the Exprelia Evo I was blown away by how much better it looked than the Syntia. The stainless steel just looks much nicer, and the build quality seems to be much higher. It has a similar footprint to the Syntia, but because the brew unit is accessed through front, and the water/coffee is on the top I found it actually easier to fit on my counter top. The other nice feature is that the drip tray rests a bit off the counter and is much easier to remove. I found the Syntia constantly overflowed its drip tray and when I removed it, and despite the baffles, I usually got water over myself, the floor or the counter.
The water container is still quite small, but this is a good thing unless you make more than 4 cups of coffee a day. Most coffee manufacturers recommending replacing water in the tank if its more than 3-4 days old. If you make only one coffee a day you will use the tank up within this time period. The coffee dregs drawer is a bit small, but I like the fact that an additional drip tray is combined with it. Not only is this tray/dregs container really easy to access through the front, the machine reminds you to remove it when its filling up so you never get any water overflowing. This is the reason the front drip tray never overflows unlike the Syntia where there is one front drip tray that slides out.
The grinder has six adjustments, and seems to grind coffee fine enough so that its not bitter, and I've had really fresh beans taste a bit on the overextracted side when the grind setting was on the finest. I found like with every Espresso machine, automatic or superautomatic, it take awhile to get the right grind and coffee length. One of the disadvantages with all the Saeco machines is there is no quantitative method in predetermining the amount of water in each shot unlike other brands. I've found I've had to waste a bit of coffee for me to get the right tasting espresso shot because 1) it takes a few shots before the new grinder setting comes into effect 2) Saeco's adapting system requires at least 3-4 more shots before it stabilises its tamp.
One of the other pluses with this machine compared to the Syntia is that it has the Saeco Brewing System (SBS) that regulates the pressure. It means you can have a pretty tasty longer coffee that tastes similar to a brewed coffee. I use a longer shot when I make Irish Coffee after a dinner party. The Syntia and other models don't have the SBS and can't really make a great long coffee, as I found it tastes over extracted and not very smooth. The other great thing is that when on the opposite side of the SBS (more pressure) you get a really good shot with plenty of "crema". I would recommend that if you are going to put money into a superautomatic machine that you should invest in one with an SBS as it gives you much more flexibility.
The milk functionality is really good on this machine. It is one of the few superautomatic machines that has a "one-touch" milk frother, as well as a one hole (non pannarello) steam wand. The steam wand produces pretty powerful steam, but requires a bit of practice to use. I find I can make decent textured milk with it, but it does take quite a bit of practice. I don't think it will be able to texture milk to the quality of a "prosumer" semiautomatic machine as the steam seems a bit wet. The good thing about the steam wand is that it will heat up milk really hot, as the automatic milk frother creates steamed/frothed milk at moderate temperatures, which is really what steamed milk should be to avoid burning the milk and losing its sweeter taste. The milk carafe is really easy to use, and it creates decent textured milk for cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. This machine unlike the Xelsis, you can't control the amount of foam, although you can control the amount of milk dispensed in both milk drinks. The automatic milk system is really easy to use, and probably one of the easiest to maintain and clean. The self-cleaning function is great (it purges the milk line twice: right after dispensing milk, and when you move the arm back to the lock position which dispenses steam through the arm and into the handle and then into the drip tray). You can also store the carafe in the fridge. Overall I find I get a better quality drink when I steam my own milk with the wand as I have more control, but on mornings when I just want a quick latte macchiato the automatic milk function is great! Even some of my coffee snob friends felt the one touch latte macchiato was at least as good if not better than their favourite cafe versions.
The interface on this machine is "organic LED" which is basically black and white, and most of the interface is text based without many icons. Some people may like this, but I do think the Syntia red/yellow/green system is pretty intuitive!
Overall this machine is well worth the price as it does create cafe quality coffee drinks without the mess, skill, and time of more manual machines. Can you get a better shot and steam higher quality milk with more manual machines? Yes? Is the difference really worth it though? I say no.
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Yes, I recommend this product.
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